Mahatma Gandhi autograph charity raffle

Fundraiser is complete


Right now you have the opportunity to touch history and win an authentic autograph of the legendary Mahatma Gandhi. The cost of such certified signatures reaches tens of thousands of dollars. And today, UAnimals is raffling off an autograph of a fighter for the liberation of India for a donation of UAH 500.
Throughout his life, Mahatma Gandhi professed the principle of non-violence towards all living beings. “The greatness and moral progress of a nation can be measured by how this nation treats animals” – these words of Gandhi are proven true by Ukrainians who save even the smallest of lives during the war.

Each of you has a chance to get the autograph of this extraordinary Indian statesman and politician. How to do this?
The conditions are simple:

You make a donation starting from UAH 500

On September 20 we will randomly select a winner, using a randomizer, and all collected funds will be directed to animal rescue.

The bigger your donation, the more chances you have to win. Yes, for a donation of UAH 1,000, your name will appear in the randomizer twice, for UAH 1,500 – three times, etc.
This authentic autograph from a personal collection was donated to UAnimals’ by American collector Alex Krylov, who has been collecting certified autographs of world celebrities for many years. The signature has passed a special examinations, has an appropriate certificate and a lifetime guarantee from the World Memorabilia company, so you don’t have to worry about its authenticity.