A fundraising to buy fodder for red book bison

Fundraiser is complete


“Skolivski Beskydy” is a national natural park in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is located in the southern part of the Lviv region in a very picturesque area of the basins of the Stryi and Opir rivers.


Most of the park is covered with forests, in which bison live. They are generally calm and peaceful animals. They sleep or nap most of the day. But at one time they were very popular game with hunters (poachers try to hunt them even to this day). Therefore, bison were brought to the point of extinction and ended up in the Red Book of Ukraine. Currently, their population is recovering thanks to the measures implemented for their protection and preservation in Ukraine.


Only 38 animals of this species live in “Skolivskyi Beskydy”. And so it is very important to save the lives of these thirty-eight bison so that they can continue to give birth to more offspring.


Now the animals need food for the winter season, namely juicy fodder and grain mixtures. Therefore, to support these rare beauties, we are launching a fundraiser for the purchase of 8 tons of grain mixtures.


Join the wildlife protection efforts and support red book bison!

Photo: Roksolana Potsyurko