Our Mission and Values

At UAnimals, we believe that every life is equally valuable and work to save as many animal lives as possible in Ukraine. We are guided by the belief that no animal should suffer or be exploited. We support shelters, rehabilitation centers, nature reserves, and animal welfare volunteers by providing them with food and medicine for animals. Additionally, we evacuate animals from conflict zones, promote the sterilization of stray animals, and rebuild shelters destroyed by Russian shelling.

Our Values

The value of every life

We believe that every animal deserves to be treated with dignity and provided with comfortable conditions, regardless of their species, breed, or other characteristics. That’s why we rescue all animals, including cats and dogs, cows and pigs, lions and tigers, ducks and lemurs, beavers, ostriches, bees, and more.


We are ready to explain our position and engage in constructive discussions about it. We believe that our opponents may one day become our allies. We are open to alternative thoughts and approaches and see discussions as a useful tool on the path to the best solutions.


It is through the combination of our efforts with those of the people who support us that we can save a significant number of animals. That is why we strive to unite with like-minded people, partner with powerful organizations and businesses, and cooperate with individual activists and volunteers. We scale the results of our work primarily thanks to the community that has formed and continues to form around UAnimals.


It is important for us to save as many animals as possible from death or suffering in the places where it is most needed. That’s why we focus on results in our work and always ask ourselves if the chosen solutions and actions will lead to the best outcome. We apply the same approach to communication: it’s not just about speaking up, but also about being heard and not just proposing ideas, but also implementing them..


We set ourselves large goals and achieve them. This applies to the number of animals we strive to help and the scale of our assistance. We look for ways to realize our ideas, rather than reasons to give up on them. What may seem impossible for someone, we dream of, break down into smaller steps, and achieve.


It is important for us to account for every donated and spent hryvnia. That is why we do not collect donations on cards, publish monthly reports on our website, and daily reports on social media pages about who we helped and how much. We value the trust of people who donate to animal rescue and do not have the right to make mistakes.


Currently, an enormous number of animals in Ukraine need help. Therefore, we must choose where to direct our resources first. Currently, our priority is the front-line areas and occupied territories. In the future, depending on the situation in the country and the world, these priorities may change.


We do not discriminate people based on any characteristics and welcome people of all genders, races, health statuses, etc. into our team and community. Similarly, we treat animals: regardless of breed, age, health status, every animal deserves a decent life.


We search for new approaches to our work and strive to keep up with modern technologies and trends. We apply those that are relevant to our field in practice.