“Academic Vernadsky Station” in Antarctica will join the UAnimals campaign for Earth Day

"Academic Vernadsky Station" in Antarctica will join the UAnimals campaign for Earth Day

On April 22, Earth Day, polar explorers at the “Academic Vernadsky” station will support the EcoUnity for Ukraine campaign. Its goal is to draw attention to the ecocide caused by russian aggression in Ukraine.

The polar explorers will demonstrate some facts about how the ecosystems on our native land have suffered from the hostilities. A chain of unity will also be created to show that ecocide has no borders and that fighting against it requires global unity under the slogan #StopEcocideUkraine.

“In Antarctica, we understand very well how fragile our planet is. In addition to global issues such as climate change and increasing pollution, our country has faced significant ecosystems and animal species destruction, as well as soil and water pollution due to military actions. We want to join this campaign to demonstrate to the world the facts of ecocide that Russia is committing on our territory,” said the polar explorers.

In addition to Antarctica, the event will take place in 30 cities across Europe. So we will be happy to see each of you joining us in your city. EcoUnity is organized by the UAnimals humanistic movement, the Klych community, and the Communities Army of Ukraine public organization.

We are preparing more exciting news about the EcoUnity for Ukraine, so stay tuned for some great updates!