Europe’s largest steppe reserve needs help🙏

Fundraiser is complete


The “Askania-Nova” biosphere reserve is a unique phenomenon not only within Ukraine, but also for the whole world. This is the largest steppe reserve in Europe, the area of which is 33,000 hectares. More than 1,200 animals from five continents live here in semi-wilderness conditions.

The situation in the occupied Askania-Nova is extremely difficult. The employees of the Biosphere Reserve are doing everything possible to continue to provide their animals with everything they need.

Together with you, we were able to help the institution with the hay supply. However, the reserve currently needs help with the refurbishing of wintering enclosures for 160 animals. These buildings need to be promptly renovated: broken windows need to be replaced, the roof and floors need repairs, the walls must be insulated, etc. This requires materials for which the institution does not have the necessary funds.

Let’s help preserve a unique natural phenomenon both for Ukraine, and the whole world together.

Given the circumstances, for security purposes, the collected funds are kept on our account and transferred to the reserve in parts upon their request. This was agreed with the current administration of the reserve.