Fundraising to help 9 shelters “Survive the winter”

Fundraiser is complete


The war brings suffering, hunger, cold, fear and death. Every day, thousands of animals in the occupied and liberated territories and on the front lines are looking for salvation. Caring people and volunteers try to help everyone they can: to feed, cure, warm and evacuate to safe areas. Because of the war, shelters are overcrowded with abandoned, orphaned and exhausted animals. Yet they are saved from death. And as December showed, this winter is really very hard, because Russia is not going to stop killing and terrorizing Ukraine.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure proper conditions for animals in shelter facilities. To do this, it is necessary to prepare stocks of feed and medicines, as well as take care of the means that will provide cooking opportunities, heat and electricity in case of damage to critical infrastructure.

To ensure s can adequately keep their wards, we are launching a fundraising campaign “Survive the Winter” to help the animals make it till victory.

We need to raise UAH 1 611 904 to purchase and deliver all the necessary supplies to the shelters in time.

These funds will be needed for:

1. Purchase of hay and straw for insulation of cages and kennels.
1030 bales for 2 shelters = UAH 118450

2. Heating and cooking porridge for animals.
100 cubes for 5 shelters = UAH 292 200

3. Generators.
1 generator for 1 shelter = UAH 80 000

4. Construction of cages.
9 premises for 2 shelters = UAH 272 000

5. Purchase of electrical appliances.
3 pieces for 2 shelters = UAH 14 000

6. Fuel for generators.
One shelter needs 4950 liters for 3 months – UAH 269 775

7. Purchase of medicines for
5 shelters = UAH 564 929

Funds are provided for the needs of the following shelters:

1. Shelter “City of Dogs” (CF “Without Borders”).
2. Shelter “Pegasus”
3. Eco-firm “Green Grove”.
4. NGO “Center for rescue and rehabilitation of WILD and EXOTIC animals” Avelen “.
5. Rehabilitation center shelter for animals “Friend”.
6. Shelter for animals of Svetlana Ostapkova.
7. Shelter “Give a Chance”.
8. Shelter “Chance”
9. Shelter “Home where love lives”

Join the fundraiser and spread the word! Let’s help the wards of these shelters to survive the winter during the war, because together we are strong!