Fundraiser from UAnimals, UKRSIBBANK and MASTERCARD “Preparation of shelters for winter”

Fundraiser is complete


UAnimals, UKRSIBBANK and Mastercard: Partnership to save the lives of 1,400 animals.

UAnimals helps war-affected animals by evacuating them, delivering or sending feed and medicines, supporting shelters with their restoration, and more.

With the onset of cold weather, many facilities are at risk of freezing, with constant power outages only complicating the dire situation. So UKRSIBBANK together with Mastercard took the initiative to support animals in these shelters and help the facilities prepare for winter.

The list of institutions is as follows:
1. Zaporizhya, “Zgraya”: 58 cats, 18 dogs along with birds and other animals – making up almost 200.
2. Kyiv region, Hostomel, Hostomel shelter: 500 dogs and 60 cats.
3. Khmelnytskyi region, Starokostyantiniv, “Ekozakhist” shelter: 550 dogs.
4. Kharkiv, animal hostel “33 cats”: 33 dogs, more than 60 cats, and 30 kittens.
5. Mykolayiv, bird sanctuary, Zhelyazko Dmytro, 40-50 birds.

The funds are intended for the needs of the following shelters:

1. Shelter “City of Dogs” (CF “Without Borders”).
2. Shelter “Pegasus”
3. Eco-firm “Green Grove”.
4. NGO “Center for rescue and rehabilitation of WILD and EXOTIC animals” Avelen”.
5. Rehabilitation center and animal shelter “Drug”.
6. Ostapkova Svitlana’s Animal Shelter.
7. Shelter “Give a Chance”.
8. Shelter “Chance”
9. Shelter “Home where love lives”

Join the fundraiser and spread the word! Let’s help the wards of these shelters to survive the winter in the conditions of war, because together we are a great force of good who can make all the difference!