Fundraiser: “Preparing Shelters for Winter”

Fundraiser is complete


War brings pain and death. Every day, thousands of animals suffer from hunger, cold, shelling, and cruelty of the Russian invaders. Caring people, volunteers and military rescue everyone they can. And animal rescue is not limited to pets only. Both domestic and wild animals also suffer greatly from the war. Therefore, it is up to us to help the animals in need.

It is precisely because of the war that shelters for animals are now overcrowded, because there are a lot of them abandoned by their owners, orphaned, and those who were evacuated from hot spots, or those who are looking for a new home due to the shelling of settlements outside the front line. A harsh winter is coming which the Russian invaders are trying to use as a weapon against Ukraine by shelling its critical infrastructure.

That’s why we are launching a fundraiser “Preparing Shelters for Winter” to help animals survive the winter of 2023.

The goal is to collect UAH 749 550in order to purchase goods and food in time and deliver these supplies to shelters as soon as possible.


The funds are intended for the needs of the following shelters:

1. “Ekozakhist”, Starokostyantyniv (556 animals).
2. Neutering center “Step to Animals”, Chernihiv (302 dogs and 84 cats).
3. Shelter “4 paws”, Kherson (400 animals).
4. “Best Friend” shelter, Kyiv region, Makarivskyi district (over 600 animals).
5. Hostel for animals “33 Cats”, Kharkiv (more than 150 animals).
6. Bondarenko Shelter, Mykolayiv (180 animals).
7. Dmytro Zhelyazka Bird Sanctuary (55 rescued birds).
8. Olena Taran shelter, Kherson (123 animals).
9. Hostomel animal shelter, Kyiv region, Hostomel (500 dogs, 60 cats).
10. “Zgraya”, Zaporizhya, (58 cats, 18 dogs, and 150 other animals).

How will the funds be used:
1.Porridge for 5 shelters UAH 45,000.
2.Cereal supplements for 5 shelters UAH 300,000.
3.Stock of medicines for 5 shelters for treatment and treatment of animals – UAH 150,000.
4.Grain, corn, seeds for 1 shelter for feeding birds – UAH 5,000.
5.Shades and generators for 5 shelters for uninterrupted functioning in conditions of power outages – UAH 249,550.00.

Join the fundraiser, spread the word. Only together will we be able to help animals survive the winter in conditions of war.