A fundraising for animal rescue in kharkiv

Fundraiser is complete


Kharkiv is bombarded by the Russian invaders daily. It is difficult to live in the city, many have already left or are planning to do so. But, unfortunately, some pet owners evacuate without their pets. Many animals are still being rescued from locked apartments by caring people. And thousands of stray animals suffer on the streets.


Our partners – “Kharkiv Animal Rescue” – save the animals of the city and take care of them. In addition, they evacuate animals from the most dangerous places in the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, and also find vets to treat these pets and families abroad that can adopt them.


Currently, they do not have a place to keep the animals before resettling or evacuation abroad. Considering the number of pets they have already saved and can still save, we decided to help them.


That is why we are launching a fundraiser for the construction of large enclosures that can accommodate up to 50 animals.


Join in! Let’s give the animals cozy places to stay before their adoption into new, loving families!