A fundraiser for buying equipment and other essentials for hero dogs from the Antares unit

Fundraiser is complete


Heroic dogs from the Pavlograd search and rescue canine unit “Antares” work together with the rescuers during the search for victims and those who died due to shelling among the rubble. In addition, they also help the military to search for the bodies of our soldiers who fell at the hands of the Russian invaders. The organization works in all affected areas of Ukraine. And before the war, the four-legged friends of this unit helped with the search for missing people.

Currently there is no funding for the organization. And their needs are growing, because of Russian terrorism. And this means more work for the unit.

That’s why we’ve launched a fundraiser to help buy special harnesses for dogs that search for the dead, alarm rescue harnesses for those animals searching for living people, leashes and motivational toys for the canine friends. The amount needed is UAH 55,000.

These hero dogs have very hard and responsible work assignments and they need our help and support. Join our fundraiser! We are very grateful to our four-legged heroes for what they do!