Fundraiser for the treatment of animals injured during the war

Fundraiser until 30.10.2022

148 296 UAH 30%

500 000 UAH


War does not choose its victims, but we can reduce their number. Animals need our attention, support and care. Every day they suffer from shelling. Some of them die, some get injured or shell shocked, and some injure themselves or pose a threat to others due to the stress experienced.


Animals should not suffer from human cruelty. And those who, unfortunately, due to various circumstances got injured, should receive proper treatment. When Ukrainians unite, no achievement is impossible for them. You and I have proved it on more than one occasion.


So now we are starting this fundraiser for the treatment of animals affected by the war and we invite you to join it. After all, our strength lies in unity and love for all living things. Join us – every donation you make saves someone’s life!