UAnimals Code of Ethics

The UAnimals team and volunteers involved in carrying out the organization’s tasks must abide by the following rules of conduct:

1. Communicate with others while adhering to general social norms. It is forbidden to use hostile language or discriminate against other people based on any characteristics. Communication should be polite and respectful of the dignity of others.

2. Protect the confidentiality of internal information. UAnimals employees cannot independently disclose information about users, donors, colleagues, etc. to third parties. People who turn to the organization for help may not consent to the publication of their stories, in which case their stories cannot be disseminated even on the organization’s pages.

3. Prevent conflicts of interest. Employees and volunteers should avoid any situation that could lead to a conflict of interest or affect their decisions regarding work situations. Other employees must report conflicts of interest within the organization to the leadership if they know about them.

4. Be inclusive. In their work decisions and projects, employees and the organization as a whole must respect the diversity of individuals and their rights, and reject any form of discrimination based on race, nationality, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, religion, or other characteristics.

5. To comply with the current laws of Ukraine. Regardless of the purpose and scale of positive changes for animals that employees of the organization may bring, they must act exclusively within the framework of laws and other regulatory documents.

6. To prevent bullying and violence. No employee has the right to engage in physical, psychological, or emotional violence towards others. It is prohibited to ridicule others, make fun of them, discuss their personal qualities instead of their work competencies and actions.

7. To remain sober (both literally and figuratively) while performing organization tasks. It is prohibited to use alcohol, drugs, and other psychotropic substances that may affect reaction speed and decision-making quality during work tasks.

8. To use your influence only within the framework of work tasks. It is prohibited to use position capabilities or organization resources for personal needs or problems.

9. To show initiative. All UAnimals employees have the right and are encouraged to express their own ideas and proposals for changes or improvements in work. Joint efforts allow us to develop.

10. To take care of your own mental health. We work every day with complex issues and often see the suffering of people and animals. Organization employees must be aware of how this affects their state and adjust it if necessary, including using the opportunities provided by the organization.

11. To prioritize safety. In order to save as many animals as possible, we ourselves must remain alive and healthy. Therefore, in difficult and dangerous situations, we should always choose our own life. Similarly, we must ensure the safety of those we help and always evaluate the risks of information we share about the people we write about.