Carol of the Ecocide: Tina Carol and UAnimals present New Year’s song about ecocide!

Carol of the Ecocide: Tina Carol and UAnimals present New Year's song about ecocide!

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the world-famous song Carol of the Bells, UAnimals and Tina Karol present an updated version of the composition to the tune of Mykola Leontovych. The track was created as part of the #StopEcocideUkraine campaign to draw attention to Russia’s environmental crimes during the war. The song is performed by the singer Tina Karol, who is loved by millions, accompanied by the “Dzvinochok” choir.

“Carol of the Ecocide draws attention to the fact that Russia is not only a terrorist state, but also an ecoterrorist who steals the future from our children and the entire planet. And this is not a cute cartoon like Grinch, but pure evil that needs to be stopped before it destroys the world”, – says UAnimals founder Oleksandr Todorchuk

The new and relevant text for the composition Carol of the Ecocide was written by the Ukrainian author Yevhen Matyushenko, and the composer Yuriy Zvonar worked on the arrangement.

“War destroys life in the fullest meaning of the word: it takes people’s lives, wrecks their homes and their way of life, poisons the land, and buries people’s hopes along with the right for the pursuit of happiness. The war mercilessly destroys the Ukrainian ecology and the animal world. I joined the UAnimals initiative to remind the world of how devastating and immeasurable the consequences of Russia’s war against Ukraine are. The song “Shchedryk” is a symbol of the Christmas miracle, and Ukraine is a symbol of the human miracle of resilience and indomitability, a miracle that defends the whole world in this destructive war,” – says Tina Karol.