Meet the “Natalya Popova and UAnimals Wild Animals Rescue Center”!

Meet the "Natalya Popova and UAnimals Wild Animals Rescue Center"!

Natalya Popova has long been rescuing wild animals that have suffered from terrible conditions of their keeping, have been injured under various circumstances, or served irresponsible owners as a means to enrich themselves or satisfy their whims.

In the shelter, Natalya is engaged in monitoring the state of health of rescued animals, their treatment, rehabilitation and transportation to the best sanctuaries around the world, where living conditions correspond to their species’ needs.

Yes, she sends lions to South Africa, bears to Romania or bear shelters in Ukraine: either “White Rock” or “Domazhyr” in the Lviv Region. An emaciated bear from Bahmut, rescued from shelling and abandoned by its owners in a locked enclosure in the yard of their house, was recently delivered to the “Domazhyr” shelter.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the number of wards of her shelter has been ever increasing. Many wild animals were evacuated from the front-line areas, where either the owners abandoned the animals to a painful death from starvation and explosions, or could no longer keep them due to financial difficulties.

UAnimals has long cooperated and supported the activities of Natalya and her shelter. So now, we decided to join forces. And now “Wild Animals’ Shelter” is reorganized into “Natalya Popova and UAnimals Wild Animals Rescue Center”.

“I am very happy with our merger. Now, together we can save even more lives. One of the top priority tasks is the urgent response and prompt provision of assistance to wild animals in need. Our joint cooperation with UAnimals provides excellent opportunities to quickly respond to messages and save wild animals,” – says Nataliya.

We are also happy about this merger and anticipate fruitful results. Join in by supporting our activities! The more efforts we can put together, the more wild animals we can help rescue.