Fundraising from Artem and Patron for animals from the recently liberated territories

Fundraiser is complete


There are many hungry and exhausted animals in the de-occupied territories, which were left by people during the evacuation or orphaned. Ukrainians mostly are homeless, because their houses are destroyed, and those who stayed are helping animals to survive. Such is the situation in many liberated settlements.

This topic is close to Ukrainian singer Artem Pivovarov, because he is from Vovchansk, where the situation with homeless animals is catastrophic. The city has experienced terrible months of occupation and suffered greatly from the shelling and actions of the Russians, as well as hundreds of other settlements in Ukraine. And de-mining dog Patron is very worried about his four-legged friends who have suffered and are still suffering from the occupiers and this is not the first time he has been saving animals from the war together with UAnimals and even received a symbolic position of Communications Director in the organization.

Therefore, on Tuesday, on January 17, Artem Pivovarov presented an updated version of the song “Deja Vu” in a duet with the demining dog Patron. The presentation of the song and video is aimed to raise awareness of the issue of rescuing animals of war, as well as fundraising for animals from the recently liberated territories.

Artem Pivovarov is a progressive Ukrainian artist, sound producer, musician, winner of the Yuna Award “Best Singer” and “Hit of the Year”. He is the author of the cultural project “Your Poems, My Notes”, whose goal is to promote Ukrainian culture through the prism of music.

Patron is a brave dog of the State Emergency Service, a legend of mine clearance, a talisman of the pyrotechnics detachment and together with UAnimals has been saving animals from war for many years.

Support this important initiative – together we can save more lives!