Fundraiser for Antares dogs rescuing people from the rubble

Fundraiser until 31.03.2023

24 652 USD 60%

41 028 USD


Each time Russia attacks peaceful Ukrainian cities, many rescuers and cynologists arrive at the destroyed buildings to help search for the dead and injured waiting for rescue under the rubble.

During the full-scale war, the Antares search and rescue dog unit saved thousands of lives.

We are launching a fundraiser for UAH 1,500,000 to help the dogs that save lives. For the money raised, we will buy a car and fuel, allowing the team to arrive at the scene of tragedies faster. Antares’ previous car failed to withstand the load of the last 11 months, so the team stayed without transportation. In addition, we will buy professional protective ammunition for the dogs to continue saving lives without getting injured. This way, they can save even more people without injuring their paws.

These rescue dogs searched for victims for 22 hours straight after the tragedy in Dnipro on January 14, when a Russian missile hit a residential building. Seven dogs found ten victims. The trained dogs also find the bodies of soldiers killed on the battlefield.

Each dog has its owner, who is also a cynologist. All of them are pets and family members at home, while they are four-legged heroes on duty.

The oldest dog, a ten-year-old Belgian Malinois shepherd named Sparky, should have been retired by now, but as her owner and also cynologist says, “Putin did not sign her pension.”

We believe that animals will not be involved in such dangerous tasks in the future, but today we have to do everything we can to help them and increase the chance of saving people. Today we help them, tomorrow they can save us!

Foto: Olena Tita