A fundraising for a generator to keep wild animals saved from the war warm “Keep lions warm”

Fundraiser is complete


Russia has been destroying Ukraine’s energy infrastructure for many weeks. Everyone has already faced a total blackout and lack of heat and water. In the “Natalya Popova and UAnimals Wild Animal Rescue Center”, there is only a couple of hours of electricity a day, and there is no heating.

Infrared lamps are used to heat the enclosures at the center. But using an ordinary generator, the blocks on the lamps burn and the lamps themselves fail.

Therefore, a powerful inverter generator and fuel for it are needed at the center.


After all, the lives of all animals in the facility are now in danger, and these are 14 lions, five of which are lion cubs, a tiger and more than 50 wild and native animals. Warm-loving predators got into a country with a harsh climate for human entertainment. Even after saving their lives, due to shelling and lack of electricity, the center is unable to maintain the conditions necessary for their survival.

While Natalya Popova is looking for a new home for the animals with the necessary conditions and in a suitable climate, it will be incredibly difficult for these animals without warmth, especially the little lion cubs.

Natalya is scared, but she has hope, because you have continuously helped to save the lives of wild animals, so we are asking for your support once more. The center needs a powerful generator that will definitely be able to withstand the voltage of the network and the fuel for it, at least for a certain time.

The total amount of the fundraiser is UAH 150,000.

The wild animals of the center have already been through so much, they have the right to live! Every UAH can help these animals survive